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Multinational Company of food and house/ personnel care

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Present in 9 countries of America(Central America and Andean America). It has two global divisions: food and care of the house and the personnel.

Goal of the Plan



 To incentivate, loyalty and reward in a different way to the sales force for their effort and dedication shown, exceeding the goals and objectives of the monthly sales.

What did we do?

We designed the Loyalty Plan and points per profile, we adapted the color schema of the Brand in the Incentives Portal, we managed the budget to materials and prizes, we trained to the distributors in all the country, we created the per profile prizes catalog (selection of prozes and providers based on assigned budget)

We managed the prizes delivery logistics (buying, packaging, sending and confirmation of delivery), monthly communications were designed and sent to the participants, their information was debugged, the results sent by the company were loaded and the points, according to the different KPIs per each month were calculated, monthly delivery and exchanges reports were sent, the communication with the participants was directly managed through on-line chat and the incentives program mail.

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¿Which were the results?

Focus of resources to products with less rotation  or less amount of sales, the competitive spirit of the sales groups was incentivated (in this case Distributors), the communication with the sales force regarding to the Key Performance indicators (KPIs) was improved, each type of participant was motivated in a customized way.

We could evaluate the rotation of the human capital of the company, it allowed us to have a better control of the prizes that have a major acceptance among the participants, we achieved to save resources of printing of catalog, the comsumption of Brand or Product and real-time information was given.

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Indirect Sales Force Participants



Direct Sales Force Participants



Acumulated Points



Exchanged Points

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Period of time of the incentives program: 2014 - 2015

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Indirect Sales Force Participants that have signed in at least once to the portal

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Direct Sales Force Participants that have signed in at least once to the portal

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Exchanges done through a mobile device (cell phone or tablet)

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